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Metro Detroit Michigan Masonry Contractor Has Tips on Brick Repair and Brickwork for the Do-it-Yourself Homeowner

When hiring a Michigan masonry contractor is cost prohibitive, homeowners often attempt to do their own repairs. Using these techniques can help produce a quality masonry repair


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(EMAILWIRE.COM, January 14, 2012 ) Detroit MI – Brick chimney repair can be dangerous work. Hiring a masonry contractor can be cost prohibitive for some Michigan homeowners. Mark Maupin, Michigan masonry contractor and president of Brick Repair, LLC provides tips for homeowners who attempt to do it themselves.

The first step to any brick repair job is accessing the damaged area. Brick work on the ground that is easily accessible can often times be tuck pointed without a great deal of difficulty. Tuck-pointing is the replacement of damaged mortar joints. A complete step by step video breakdown of tuck-pointing can be seen at

Chimneys can be a completely different matter all together. "If your chimney is very tall and difficult to access safely, then I recommend hiring a chimney repair specialist," said Maupin. "Most reputable chimney repair and masonry contractors will evaluate the extent of repairs to be done and provide a free estimate." The first thing to fail on a chimney is usually the chimney crown. The chimney crown is the concrete on the top of the chimney.

If your chimney is accessible and the chimney crown is cracked this can often times be a simple enough chimney repair to perform for an experienced do-it-yourselfer. The chimney crown is the top concrete part of the chimney. Any chimney crown repair begins with the removal of the damaged crown. Most Chimney repair specialist will chip away the concrete with a rotary hammer or pneumatic chisel. As a DIY homeowner an older and more manual method may be necessary to remove the chimney crown. For this I would recommend a chisel, 5 lb sledge hammer, & brick hammer. Of course the tools necessary for chimney repair and chimney crown replacement are dependent on the size and thickness of the crown.
Once you have removed the chimney crown inspect the flue on the chimney. The chimney flue liner is the ceramic insert that runs up the center of the chimney. If the flue is cracked it may be time to call in a chimney repair professional. Provided the chimney flu is in sound condition you can begin replacing the chimney crown. The next step in the chimney repair process is the clean and loose debris and dust of the top of the chimney. Use a stiff bristle brush to clean off any particles.
The next step in the chimney repair process is to mix up some concrete. In most cases I recommend that the DIY homeowner use a redi-mix concrete. When I do a chimney repair I prefer using fiber reinforced, crack resistant concrete. I have found that the thicker/stiffer the concrete is mixed the less likely it is to run down the side of the chimney. This will make for a cleaner chimney repair. When working in a warmer climate where temperatures are exceeding 80 you will want to mix your concrete more thin/loose/wet.
Make sure to slope your concrete away from the ceramic flue liner to allow for proper water drainage. I find that when you make your chimney crown thicker it makes for a longer lasting chimney repair. On most chimney crown repairs pour the concrete 4-7 inches thick at the flue and slope it down to a 2 inch edge. Achieving a smooth finish on your concrete can take years of practice to master but with some patience most DIY homeowners can handle this repair.

There are several things that can cause problems with chimneys including chimney leaks, creosote build-up that creates a chimney fire hazard, and a cracked chimney crown to name a few. Mark Maupin currently specializes in chimney repair. Read his latest blog post for DIY Chimney repair tips at ...

When asked why he tells people how to do what he gets paid to do, Mark said, "I would rather see the job done right than have to come in and repair a botched chimney repair job later. It's easier to fix it right the first time. If the repair is easy enough for the homeowner to do it themselves, then I can spend my time where I'm most needed."

Mark Maupin believes he is doing a great service by providing tips for the DIY homeowner. "It displays honesty and integrity when I'm not hiding behind my knowledge and experience. There will always be someone who needs to hire a professional. As far as I'm concerned, no job is too small, but like most contractors, I prefer to do the bigger jobs. This way, I'm not spending time commuting between jobs."

Mark Maupin of Brick Repair, LLC provides exemplary masonry restoration to damaged buildings, maintaining cosmetic and structural integrity while beautifying the community through expert handiwork. He provides a satisfying customer experience from demolition and rebuilding to debris removal and clean-up. Mark will provide special care for historical buildings in need of restoration to help communities remain structurally sound and pleasing to the eye. Visit to learn more.

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About Brick Repair, LLC they strive to provide exemplary chimney cleaning, sweeping masonry restoration to damaged buildings, maintaining cosmetic and structural integrity while beautifying the community through expert handiwork.they strive to provide a satisfying customer experience from demolition through debris removal. Brick Repair llc provides special care for historical buildings in need of restoration to help communities remain structurally sound and pleasing to the eye

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